For more than 30 years, CBS has been innovating new beer developments with a portfolio of exclusive natural beer flavors,
offering fast, simple, and efficient solutions.


Our special brewing enzymes and natural flavors can help you to modulate beer properties and to produce new brands. Since 1990, CBS focuses on making brewers’ life easier. Our team is formed by a group of brew masters understanding perfectly the beer industry.

Our motto is to deliver a very special and unique service. We accomplish it by communicating with the brewers in order to understand their needs, by adapting our products or inventing new ones, and by giving them the right solution. This is how we make a difference!


 Unique high quality customized service
High flexibility and quick response to the clients’ needs
Products 100% natural and developed for the brewing industry.
« All in one » products: easier to use as the brewer only has to add one product to impart flavor, taste, color…
A team of experts in brewery working for brewers, sharing the same language and feelings about the art of brewing
Beer Belgian Experts


We have a direct and absolute control on the whole selling process, from the production of our customized brewing ingredients to the delivery of the products to our clients, so that everything is done to achieve quality excellence.

As far as sustainable development is concerned, as a family company, CBS is obviously concerned by this topic. Our objective is to meet our present needs without compromising the ability of the future generations to meet their own. We achieve this goal by keeping a good balance between economic development, social equity and environmental protection. The good control we have is again, as for the quality issue, our main weapon.


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