There is a huge variety of ales and abbey style beers. We offer multiple products under the AB-MIXes series, to enable the production of – Belgian style abbey beers by late differentiation of a more neutral base beer which could be a lager or an ale. In the case of a lager our formulations will provide customized combinations of aromatic compounds delivering special malts notes, hop notes, caramelized sugars and typical top fermentation aromatic/taste notes. In the case of an ale base beer we will complement the missing compounds to reach the expected abbey style aroma/taste and organoleptic characteristics.

Here are some examples and descriptions of our AB-MIXes:

  • AB-MIX-NA: a well-balanced classical ale/abbey aromatic combination
  • AB-MIX-LF: an ale/abbey aromatic solution with higher fruity and phenolic notes
  • AB-MIX-KWK: a combination of roasted malt notes, fruity notes and phenolic notes among other

These are just a few examples. AB-MIXes can be customized to your own criteria and your base beer to reach a specific target.

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