13 février 2024 Pablo Alvarez



How can we combine Authenticity and Craftsmanship while addressing constraints like time, capacity, efficiency, CAPEX, …?
So what if we could brew one perfect mother beer and add all these ingredients at the end?


LATE DIFFERENTIATION: 1 mother beer … Endless possibilities

CBS Customized Brewing Solutions supplies a product line named « Brand Final Touch » allowing to produce « special beers » by adding to a normal pale beer just before bottling.

We can produce the following beers from a unique neutral lager: Premium Beer, Witbier, Abbey Beer, Sour Ale, Weizenbier, Stout, IPA, Grapefruit Beer, Cherry Beer, Raspberry Beer, Strawberry Beer, Mojito Beer, Sweet Rhum Beer, Daiquiri Beer, Lychee Beer, Peach Beer, etc. For more information, contact our technical team.



Brewers are already familiar with high-gravity brewing and downstream adjustments. Our concept takes this idea further!



All our « final touch » beer brand producers contain exclusively natural extracts (malt, hops, spices, fruits) and natural aromatic compounds (malt, hop, spices, beer, fruits), natural coloring (malt and fruits extract) and natural clouding agents (hop products, essential oils emulsions stabilized with vegetal gums).



Benefits No need to change yeast
  Endless possibilities: fast setting up of new beers
  The brewer can concentrate on the quality of a single beer
  Production flexibility well adapted to the market demand
  no need for large stocks of all the different beers
  Less raw materials to manage and store
  Better beer taste consitence
  from a production to another
  from a factory to another
  « brand makers » can be standardised more precisely



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