There is a wide variety of dark beers but the most popular are the dark lagers, the porters and the stouts.

The differences between porter and stout can be subtle but there are a few variables that help distinguish the 2. Stouts are usually stronger and richer than Porters (The full name of Stout was in fact Stout Porter initially!) Porters are brewed with roasted barley malt while Stout include a portion of roasted barley adding more coffee notes and a slight astringency.

We offer multiple solutions, RB-STOUT-MIXes to enable the production of dark beer styles by late differentiation of a more neutral base lager or ale.

The RB-STOUT-MIXes are based on roasted barley malt extract and/or roasted barley extract formulated with typical natural dark beer notes of coffee, caramel, roasted, along with mouthfeel adjustment of bitter-sweet and body balance.

Here are some examples and descriptions of our RB-STOUT-MIXes

  • RB-STOUT-MIX-LA is a stout aromatic compound with a dry profile
  • RBS-STOUT-MIX-LA is a stout aromatic compound with a bolder, rounder profile

These are just a few examples. RB-STOUT-MIXes can be customized to your own criteria and your base beer to reach a specific target.

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