We offer a wide range of products (> 30), IPA-MIXes, to enable the production of IPA style beers by late differentiation of a classic lager or an ale.

These IPA-MIXes are solutions of hop oils harmonized/integrated in a complex natural aromatic matrix imparting different hop character that can be related to specific hop varieties.

The use of pure hop oils alone does not allow to obtain the same aromatic quality as with classical dry hopping because these oils are obtained by vapor distillation or CO2 extraction which leads to a higher amount of terpenes than classical dry hopping. The resulting aromatic profile is often described as “terpenic”, heavy, poor digestibility and drinkability.

The main hop aromatic compounds are organic acids, aldehydes, alcohols, esters, thioesters and terpenes. The ratio (terpenes/other aromatic compounds) is higher in pure hop oils obtained by vapor distillation or CO2 extraction than the one obtained by classic dry hopping.

This is the reason why in our IPA-MIXes we have incorporated the hop oils in a natural matrix of organic acids, aldehydes, alcohols and esters to decrease the “terpenes/other aromatic compounds” ratio to values closer to the ones obtained with classic dry hopping. The organoleptic result is perceived as more natural and much more balanced.

Here are some examples and descriptions of our natural IPA-MIXes formulations:

  • IPA-MIX-C-NA: Citra style aromatic/taste notes
  • IPA-MIX-K: Cascade and its typical signature
  • IPA-MIX-K1: Cascade with more tropical fruits notes, lychee style
  • IPA-MIX-YB: Typical hop passion fruit notes
  • IPA-MIX-CPT: Typical hop passion fruit and melon note
  • IPA-MIX-UN: a combination of aromatic matrix and hop oils decreasing more the “terpenes/other aromatic compounds” ratio
    giving rise to a very fresh and drinkable “dry hopped” signature

These are only some examples of the IPA-MIXes readily available. Everything can be customized according to the preferences of the brewers and the base beer they are working with.

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