This type of beer is traditionally the result of a mixed fermentation:
· First a classic top fermentation with a culture yeast
· Then several months of secondary fermentation in oak barrels during which the beer will pick its typical acidic character under the action of bacteria added or present in the barrels structure. The barrels will also release typical tannic wooden notes along with notes related to the history of the barrel and what it contained before (wine, Porto, Sherry, …)

There are 2 main categories of these Belgian style sour ales: Flanders Red Ale often bottled in Bourgogne type bottles and the darker Oud Bruin/Old brown. Both types of beer have a winey character due to their acidity, the oak barrels notes and their low bitterness compared with classic beers.

We offer multiple products, SA-MIXes, to enable the production of sour ales by late differentiation of a classic lager or an ale, ideally with a lower bitterness profile (10-16 EBU)

The SA-MIXes contain custom ratios of natural organic acids, top fermentation aromatic/taste compounds of fermentative origin and oak extracts. The color can be adjusted by malt extracts.

Here are some examples and descriptions of our SA-MIXes:

  • SA-MIX is a typical sour ale aromatic solution with a complex acidity, fruity and oak notes typical of Old Brown Flemish Ales.
  • SA-MIX-GC delivers a “Grand Cru” sour ale aromatic profile. Grand Cru means that the sour ale was aged
    for a longer time in oak barrel leading to a more acidic balance and intense oak notes.
  • BDF-MIX is a lighter and sweeter version of a sour ale flavor
  • OM-MIX is a sour ale flavor closer to a typical Farmhouse beer

These are just a few examples. SA-MIXes can be customized to your own criteria and your base beer to reach a specific target.

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