The Weizen beers (Weissbier) are German wheat beers characterized by the use malted wheat and typical aromatic fermentation notes. The yeast delivers a very unique fruity and spicy profile characteristic of estery notes like banana and a wide range of phenolic notes that contribute to the signature of the various Weizen beers on the market.

We offer multiple solutions, WZ-MIXes, to enable the production of Weissbier by late differentiation of a neutral base lager or ale (brewed with or without wheat) . As a reminder weizen means wheat in German and weiss means white. Outside of Germany, there is no legal description of a white beer (weiss) nor obligation to include some wheat (unmalted or not). If the term weizen is used in the beer description there must be some wheat in this beer of course.

The WZ-MIXes are mainly based on natural wheat malt flavors and weisbier fermentation notes to deliver nuances of wheat malt, fruity esters and phenolic notes.

These products display the typical organoleptic profile of weisbier including the cloudiness expected from the style as the aromatic notes are emulsified with food grade vegetal gum authorized in beer.

Here are some examples and descriptions of our WZ-MIXes:

  • WZ-MIX-1
  • WZ-MIX-2
  • WZ-MIX-3
  • ...

These examples are typical aromatic combinations of Weizen with different ratios of phenolic and estery notes

These are just a few examples. WZ-MIXes can be customized to your own criteria and your base beer to reach a specific target.

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