We offer a wide range of products, WB-MIXes, (more than 40 references), to enable to produce Belgian style wheat beers (witbiers) by late differentiation of a neutral base beer with the only requisite of having a low bitterness (10-12 EBU but 14-16 EBU could be manageable). The base beer could be a lager or an ale including or not some wheat. As a reminder wit means white in Dutch. While wit beer traditionally use 25-40% of raw wheat there is no legal requirement to do so.

The WB-MIXes aromatic notes can either be fermentative or come from select hops and spices such as coriander and bitter orange peel among others.

These natural formulations impart the typical organoleptic profile of a witbier including the cloudiness expected from this type of beer as the aromatic fraction is emulsified with food grade vegetal gum authorized in beer.

The difference between the multiple Witbier formulations available like for example, WB-MIX-WA, WB-MIX-HG, WB-MIX-KB-11, WB-MIX-KB-HG comes from the spices profile and the aromatic fermentation notes, reflecting the differences we can find between commercial witbiers available on the market.

Here is a brief description of some of our signature products:

  • WB-MIX-WA is mostly driven by typical witbier spices with thirst quenching profile and high drinkability
  • WB-MIX-HG adds complementary phenolic fermentation notes typical for the style in addition to the spicy character
  • WB-MIX-KB-11 further to the spices and typical witbier fermentation notes, this version presents a special bitter orange peel and coriander profile.
  • WB-MIX-KB-HG is another version of a well-balanced combination of spices, phenolic fermentation notes and bigarade (curação) peel flavor.

These are just a few examples. WB-MIXes can be customized according to the brewer’s own criteria and be adapted to the brewer’s base beer to reach a specific target.

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